Grandparent’s Bibles


In 2006 I came into possession of my grandmother and grandfather’s personal bibles, and learned much more about them. The bibles contained many pieces of paper stuck in between pages. My grandfather’s bible had one complete sermon outlined, along with notations on the edges of the dates and churches in which he had delivered that sermon. The bible was in deplorable condition, but what a joy it was to hold it in my hand and feel the spiritual bond with the man who used it to bring many souls to God.

My grandmother’s bible held many old newspaper clippings of church activities and various articles dealing with bible discoveries of the time. But, the big treasure, was finding a love letter from her husband, serving as a machine gunner in France during World War I. The letter is very touching, and written in the style that was the custom of the day, cloaks much emotion with bravado.

When I received my grandparents’ bibles I also received many family photographs that I had not seen before. There were snapshots taken by my Aunt Ruth, my dad’s sister, and some studio portraits of grandfather and grandmother from the period of World War I. It was such a joy to see studio photos of my grandfather in uniform, and grandfather and grandmother together as young newlyweds. I don’t recall ever having seen pictures of them when they were younger, so it was quite a thrill for me.


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