Eugene Field Ranger

I don’t recall why Eugene Field School wasn’t part of the School Boy Safety Patrol, those students who served as crossing guards before and after school, but it may have been because of the cost of the metal badges the national program provided. Instead, out school started the “Field Rangers.” We performed crossing guard duty, each member being assigned a corner, and playground safety patrol. We wore the white canbas belt of the School Boy Patrol, but instead of having the badge, out shoulder strap had “Field Ranger” printed on it.

I was a Field Ranger from the fifth through ninth grades, and had pretty well worn my belt out by the time I went to high school. During those years, I worked at school crossings before and after school, during the lunch period, and spent most of my recesses patrolling playgrounds. In later years, though as I became involved in football and school plays, many of these duties had to be turned over to others, due to conflicts in my after school schedule.

I played football for Field School in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades, and later played for Hannibal High School. One of the other junior high activities I enjoyed was being in several of the school plays. Glee Club was fun, too, although I never was much of a singer. I made up for it by being loud!

In those days, Field School used to show cartoons during the lunch hour, and many of us children enjoyed the break in the day to enjoy some laughter, particularly in the winder, when it was too cold to be outside. The school also had dances during the lunch hour for the older children. Music was played on a record player hooked up to the sound system in the auditorium. Teachers were always available to teach some basic dance steps, and there were couples who danced, but I usually just watched. Coming from a strict Baptist family, dancing was frowned upon. So, I never felt comfortable on the dance floor. I did enjoy the music however, and the chance to check out the girls. : – )


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