Growing CabForward

I’ve been serving as COO for a start up web application company for the past several months, and have found the experience to be one filled with challenges and opportunities for stepping outside my comfort zone. We’re experiencing exciting times at CabForward as we work on many different fronts to get our business processes streamlined, Ruby on Rails developers and mentors on board, junior developers in the wings, and defining our approach to building new developers through our community outreach programs.

All of these are demanding initiatives, and we’re looking forward to the proposition of shaping these in coming weeks. Business processes, of course, have to be streamlined before we can get much forward momentum, but those seem to be coming together.

The website design has presented many opportunities for discussion because we are still shaping our various service offerings for startups and enterprise entrepreneurs, each of whom has differing needs and goals. While we are currently working with some startups to help them gain some traction, we are falling back on our years of experience in working within the enterprise to shape our offerings for those responsible for creating new channels of business for their current employer, too.

Our lineup of outstanding Ruby on Rails mentors and developers continues to keep pace with our current projects, so we’ve been focusing on crafting some programs to help grow junior developers who have a passion for becoming top notch talent. We have two new projects starting next week, and have been working to assemble teams to staff those, combining mentors and developers in a paired programming scenerio.

We are simultaneously hashing out ideas to help those college level RoR wannabes who are looking for a way to get past the entry level barrier. This program would be a supplement to our professional level training courses designed for experienced developers who want to transition into Ruby on Rails. Conceptually, our outreach program for college students will be able to provide excellent learning experiences to help these budding coders enter the workplace with some RoR experience under their belts.

Our passion is to grow the start up culture in Austin while simultaneously growing the pool of Rails talent available to nurture that growth. We look forward to stepping up to be a major player in the maturation of the Austin Rails community.


About Larry E. Vaughn Jr

Larry E Vaughn is a Missouri-based blogger/ content writer, and former career counselor. His published works can be found at HeliumNetwork, and InsideBusiness360 . He wrote for CabForward.comâ„  and has additional websites at,,, and is publisher of The Self-Employment Journal,
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