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Bevier & Southern Railroad

One of my earliest personal memories is a visit to my grandparents’ house in Bevier, Missouri. My grandfather, William Thomas Vaughn, was pastor of the Baptist Church there. My family had traveled by a Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad steam … Continue reading

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Gideon’s Island

Gideon’s Island By Larry E Vaughn There’s something a little frightening about your twelve year old son achieving manhood. First he’s childishly mischievous, kicking pea gravel at his buddy, and then he’s using proper logic to make a decision that … Continue reading

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About this Blog

Larry E Vaughn is an experienced independent Writer/Producer of training videos, computer based training, multimedia presentations for multi-projector slide shows, and CD/DVD release. Clients have included ITT International, Eli Lilly & Company, JRL Studios, Allison Division-General Motors, Farm Bureau, L.S. … Continue reading

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Restaurant and Business Reviews

Reviews of Austin area restaurants and businesses published by Larry E Vaughn and currently hosted at 1. La Posada – Wm Cannon & West Gate A busy neighborhood restaurant with tasty Tex-Mex entrees and large drinks in a casual … Continue reading

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Case Studies

This page contains information on eighteen case studies of Larry E Vaughn productions ranging from computer based training, television commercials, point-of-purchase videos, and multi-projector slide shows used for marketing and annual meetings. Case Study #1- Enterprise Virtual Team Challenge: CTG, … Continue reading

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Business Research Links

Basic Business Research Methods Topics include: Planning Your Research, Various Research Methods (including advantages and disadvantages), Selecting Research Methods, Analyzing, Interpreting and Reporting Results, Ethics and Conducting Research, Related Library Links, On-Line Discussion Groups. Brint If Brint doesn’t have it, … Continue reading

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The success rate for franchise owned businesses is very high according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Less than 5 percent of franchised businesses fail, but this level of success doesn’t come easily, and success is not guaranteed. According to … Continue reading

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Buying A Business

Many entrepreneurs today are considering buying an existing business, rather than starting a new business. This approach offers the ability to enter self-employment with an established, on-going business, which offers an existing stream of income. Advertising and marketing for the … Continue reading

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Risk Assessment

There are nearly 20 million home-based businesses in the United States. But some 60 percent of them are gambling with the future of their businesses and don’t even know it. According to the Independent Insurance Agents of America Inc. (IIAA), … Continue reading

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Today’s entrepreneur has more business opportunities available to him or her than ever before in history. The global economy coupled with the Internet has fueled a tremendous explosion of service-oriented businesses, many of which reside only on the World Wide … Continue reading

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