Personal Blog Posts – Posts written to share personal memories and events

God’s Woodshed – Experience the Miraculous Healing and Recovery of Lea Vaughn, and the incredible spiritual journey of her husband during 180 days in Hartford Hospital. Read his original daily emails in “Hartford Letters” above.

Vaughn Kitchens  with Lea and Larry Vaughn – Our family cookbook, including recipes we have developed, plus tried and true recipes we have used for years. We both enjoy cooking, and have shared a fun kitchen rivalry during our 50+ years together. We also have had the pleasure of preparing large group meals for our church family on fellowship nights.

Recipes for Large Groups – These recipes have been collected from many different sources over the years as we have found cookbooks printed by cooks who prepare large meals for church dinners, summer camps, and other situations where a lot of appetites come together for a delicious meal. And, now, the Internet has made it much easier to find help when it comes time to put together something a little different at meal time.

Tate Family of Fabius Township – A historiography of Lea Tate Vaughn’s family history dating back to earliest recorded days in Ireland to their migration to America and across the county to Marion County, Missouri.

The Vaughn Family Historiography – This is a study of my family’s roots, memories from my childhood and adulthood. Memories that I hope will be of interest to my descendants as they look back at how things were.

Business Blog Posts – Posts written for business/employers for compensation

CabForward, Digital Development Agency – Our son’s software development company, which has offices in Austin and Mexico City.

Leanufacture – Lean web application development includes a rich mix of pre-built and tested application frameworks that get customized applications up and running with unparalleled speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Society of Rugged Developers – A series of podcasts discussing the attributes of developing web and mobile app software with ruggedness in mind.